Medical Facts: Does the Flu Make You Lose Weight

Medical Facts: Does the Flu Make You Lose Weight

When it comes to matters health then you do not need to take chances. Something small might be a symptom of a serious underlying health challenge. Flu is an airborne disease that is transmitted when there is contact between the affected person and the one that is not infected. When it comes to weight matters, anything that is not in line with good health will definitely affect your weight. This is a broad topic that has so much that will negatively affect it.

When you have flu definitely I will affect your appetite and food is the main issue that brings either weight gain or weight loss. If you take a lot of fat then your weight will increase even if you ignore some other factors? There are two ways of looking at weight with flu. There is a possibility that you will involve in a lot of junk food simply because you have flu. It is a reflex action to compensate for the restlessness that the disease comes with. You will notice that the longer the flu in your body the more the weight you will gain as a result of this action.

There is also a different angle to it. With flu, you may lose appetite at all. You will not eat including junk foods and fruits (very essential to replace the lost nutrients) and this might lead to loss of weight. You will not lose weight simply because of the flu but the symptoms that accompany it. Some of the symptoms include

  • Fevers and chills
  • Muscle aches
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Vomiting
  • General body weakness and fatigue


As long as you have high fevers then you are sure of dehydration. How can you add weight when you even need water to replace the lost one? The chills have a negative effect when it comes to restlessness which in turn leads to loss of appetite. Have you been in a meeting and you are coughing? You may curse the day you are born. You will be unsettled, a sore throat and a dry cough have an effect on the lungs. It will obviously have an effect on the blood flow. In this state then you are sure of weight loss within a very short time.

The worst case of the flu is vomiting. There is nothing you are able to retain. Everything you consume is removed and this is what you need for energy. It explains the reasons for general fatigue and body weakness. The major component of vomit is water. This means that you will be dehydrated and left with no food in circulation o keep you going. What happens next, you will lose weight. It is evident that severe cases of flu will actually lead to weight loss. The mild cases have mixed reactions depending on an individual based on how your body reacts to it. Almost 80 percent of flu cases lead to weight loss. The severity depends on the duration and the strength of the flu.